The Power of a PRINCE2 CV

Stacie Jansen van Vuren
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The Power of a PRINCE2 CV

There is a lot of debate regarding what a PRINCE2 qualification truly brings to the person obtaining it – especially amongst experienced professionals who have no formal certification. While it is true that experience is important in Project Management, there are major benefits to having an official PRINCE2 qualification on your CV. Although it won’t guarantee you a job, it will definitely increase your chances, as recent studies have shown.

The Power of a PRINCE2 CV:

Job Criteria – It is becoming an increasingly common practice for recruiters and employers to dismiss candidates that do not possess a formal PRINCE2 qualification. When viewing UK job boards for Project Management positions, there are virtually none to be found that do not mention PRINCE2 as a criterion; or at least an added advantage. In many cases where it is not stated, it is simply because it is expected as a given. Many interviewers will see the lack of certification as an indication that you are not serious about Project Management as a long-term career and will wonder why you have not bothered to formalise your experience with a certification. Don’t allow these negatives to creep into the mind of those who can provide you with job opportunities.

Opportunity Scope – Trying to start a career in Project Management can seem extremely daunting. There is no denying that it is a fast-paced and challenging career choice; albeit a highly rewarding one. A PRINCE2 qualification will show potential employers that you are committed to your choice of career and that you have done all that you can (at this point) to adequately prepare yourself. Having made the investment in your education indicates that you are not only serious about your career, but also that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be a productive member of a project management team – regardless of your starting position.

International Prospects – If for no other reason at all, the international recognition of the PRINCE2 certification makes it a very worthwhile one. This is a portable qualification and the generic nature of the PRINCE2 methodology means that it is not tied directly to any type of project, industry, organisation, culture or country. In fact, it is quite common for PRINCE2 practitioners to end up working on projects all across the globe. A PRINCE2 qualification can lead to international work on both a temporary or permanent basis. Perhaps you will work for a company that requires you to manage projects at their branches in other countries, or you may pursue a position with an organisation based in a country that you have always wished to live in. Regardless of how it comes about, there are definitely international prospects that become available to you when your CV contains an official PRINCE2 certification.

Prove Yourself – Whether you are new to Project Management or an experienced professional, a formal PRINCE2 qualification will prove to potential, or current, employers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully fulfil a role. With experience alone, there can be doubts in the minds of employers regarding your abilities as they have less proof. Don’t allow this to happen when it is not necessary. If you are new to Project Management, the PRINCE2 qualifications will provide you with the ideal foundation on which to build your career. If you are an experienced professional, becoming PRINCE2 certified will combine your experience with a formal qualification and you will be well-rounded in your profession with all bases covered. Gaining the PRINCE2 qualifications will also demonstrate that you are up to date with the most recent version of the method and that you have brushed up on your skills. It is easy to accumulate bad habits along your career journey but these can easily be straightened out by refreshing your skills and knowledge. Earning a PRINCE2 certification will prove that you are capable of fulfilling your role in project management.

Credibility – Although credibility is important in any job, it is particularly vital to freelance contractors. Contractors are like a business within themselves and this means that they need to have an excellent reputation in order to successfully sell themselves and their skills. This is where PRINCE2 comes in. Having PRINCE2 on your CV as a contractor is evidence that you are using a consistent and proven methodology and that you understand what is necessary to deliver the required results. The wide spread use of PRINCE2 means that it is understood by most who are in the field of project management. If you are bidding for a project, being PRINCE2 certified will ensure that the project’s company will feel reassured and confident in your ability to manage the project successfully. Credibility cannot be bought and it is worth far more than what you will spend on the educational investment to gain a PRINCE2 qualification.

Safe Option – When recruiters and employers see PRINCE2 qualifications on the CV of a project management job applicant, they see reassurance and feel confidence in the applicant’s ability to meet the required standards. Because the PRINCE2 method is seen as the “de facto” standard for project management, employers view certified PRINCE2 practitioners as “the safe option”. This is very appealing to any organisation as safe options mean less risk to the business and risks can be costly. Those in the project management field know and understand the benefits of the PRINCE2 method and therefore, see the benefits in hiring candidates who practice the same method. Promote confidence in your abilities with a PRINCE2 qualification and your CV will become far more attractive to potential employers.

Value for Money – PRINCE2 training is fantastic value for money and an excellent investment in your career. Another point to consider is that many companies are finding the need to decrease their training budgets. This means that gaining your PRINCE2 qualification prior to applying for positions will also be viewed as a benefit to the company in financial terms. With no need to spend extra capital on your training, an organisation will be more likely to hire you than someone who will need to be trained. With every business in the world needing to monitor its spending, a fully trained candidate will always be an appealing option from a financial standpoint.

Whether you are just beginning your Project Management journey or are well along your way already, earning an official PRINCE2 certification can only improve your career and create substantial opportunities for career advancement. There is no downside to obtaining a relevant qualification – regardless of what field you work in – so consider all these points when deciding whether or not to take the step towards PRINCE2 certification.