The History of PRINCE2®

The History of PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

The very earliest predecessor of the modern PRINCE2® was called PROMPT®; soon evolving into PRINCE® which was developed in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). PRINCE® was designed as a UK Government standard for information systems (IT) project management. PRINCE® is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It did not take long for PRINCE® to overflow from the purely IT environment and into the UK government and private sectors around the world.

In 1996, PRINCE2® was born and released as a global project management method. There were around 150 European organisations that contributed to the revision. Subsequently updated in 1998, 2005 and 2008-2009; PRINCE2® quickly became the recognised standard for project planning and management. Today, PRINCE2® is used in over 50 countries worldwide and continues to grow in popularity and integrity.

In 2013, the ownership rights to PRINCE2® were transferred from HM Cabinet Office to AXELOS® Ltd. The various revisions and versions of PRINCE2® have been carefully thought out to address weaknesses and to create a more streamlined version that better integrates with other AXELOS® Best Practice methods. Throughout these revisions, the name “PRINCE2®” has been retained as a statement that the method remains loyal to its principles and this will not change.

Dr. Ian Procter (BSc, Ph.D)

Dr. Ian Procter is a highly experienced Project Management trainer. He was a member of the team that developed the PRINCE® methodology on behalf of The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and has been a part of the training and consultancy in PRINCE® since the first version’s launch in 1989. Not only is Dr. Procter an accredited PRINCE® trainer, but he is also the Founder of Sianti Management Systems® Ltd and brings both his knowledge, and experience, to the company.

With his assistance, thorough project management and systems development standards, in both the manufacturing and service industries, have been successfully implemented. Dr. Procter was a member of the team that established the regulations, and curriculum, for the Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) Certificate in Project Management. Since the initiation of the certificate in 1991, he has also been an examiner. Adding to the certification list, Dr. Procter was also a member of the working party that created the more advanced qualification; the ISEB Diploma in Project Management.

Dr. Procter has a vast range of training experience that he has gained through his involvement with Universities, various companies and an array of public training courses. Regularly delivering PRINCE2® training courses throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa; Dr. Procter is greatly in demand as a Speaker at executive briefings and conferences where he shares his knowledge and practical experience of PRINCE2®. Fully accredited by the APM Group and with 20 years of experience in PRINCE2® training, the student pass rate under Dr. Procter is above 90%.