PRINCE2 Exam Techniques

Stacie Jansen van Vuren
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PRINCE2 Exam Techniques

Writing exams can be overwhelming and stressful; especially when they are to do with something as important as your chosen profession. There is no doubt that gaining your internationally recognised PRINCE2 certification is of tremendous benefit to your career and the exam is the final stage in the study process. After writing, and passing, your PRINCE2® exams you will be certified and can add enormous value to your CV.

Below are PRINCE2 exam techniques that are aimed at assisting you in writing your PRINCE2® exams with confidence.

The Questions – Take care to read each of the exam questions carefully. It is very easy to simply scan the questions but this can cause you to miss important information on what is actually being asked. This is particularly true when it comes to questions such as “Which of these is NOT a PRINCE2® Process?”

Your Answers – It is equally important to take care with your answers. There will be times when a specific answer will be the obvious correct choice. It is advisable to trust yourself in these cases. Assuming that you have studied thoroughly, your knowledge of PRINCE2® will ensure that you can answer all the questions that face you in the exam.

50/50 Approach – If you are battling with a certain question, then you can use this technique to help you. Remove the two obvious wrong answers from the choices provided to you and, from the two answers that remain, choose the one that you believe to be correct.

Don’t waste time – If there is a question that you are very uncertain about; skip it and move onto the next one. You can always come back to a question like this once you have finished the rest of the exam paper.

Check your work – After completing the exam paper it is recommended that you check your work from the beginning. This can help you to catch mistakes and assure you that you have answered all the questions and in the right order. It will also give the opportunity to address the questions that you left unanswered during your first pass at the exam paper.

Changing Answers – Although it is advisable to check your work once you have completed the exam, be very wary of changing answers. Often the first answer you chose will be the right one and doubting this can lead you to change answers that will then prove to be incorrect. Use caution when deciding whether or not to change an answer.

Answer Patterns – Sometimes is can seem far too coincidental that you end up with a string of answers that are all the same letter (A, B, C or D). Rest assured that this generally is nothing more than a coincidence. The exam papers are set up with a random selection of questions that cover all the topics of the syllabus. Don’t let the letter of the answer you are leaning towards influence your decision – see each question as an individual and answer it accordingly.

Time – As there is a limited amount of time in which to complete your exam paper, it is vital to keep an eye on it. Manage your allotted time properly and you will avoid a disastrous situation such as not completing the exam on time or being forced to answer the final few questions in a rush.

With sufficient studying and these techniques in mind, you will successfully pass your exam and be well on your way to a promising future with PRINCE2®.
(Stacie Jansen van Vuren)