PRINCE2 Certification on your CV

Stacie Jansen van Vuren
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Job-hunting can seem like a full-time career when you spend your days applying for positions and never hear back from the majority of the organisations. There are, however, ways to increase your chances of finding a project management position if you understand how the recruitment process works. Here are some facts about the recruitment process that can assist you in ensuring that your CV does not disappear into the void:

• Recruiters use software and tracking systems to filter job applications
• Recruitment software is evolving and is no longer only based on matching keywords
• Recruitment software can also be programmed to include factors such as location, age, availability and qualifications
• Pictures, tables and graphics do not scan well into recruitment software and can lead to the exclusion of your CV during filtering
• Simple, web-friendly fonts scan more easily into recruitment software
• Minimise the use of bold, underlining and Italics on your CV to be more recruitment software friendly
• A recruitment process survey revealed that only 1 in 10 employers will make the effort to respond to every job applicant
• Relevant qualifications will always increase the appeal of your CV

So, what can a PRINCE2 certification do for my project management career? This question is often asked; especially by experienced professionals who have no formal PRINCE2 qualifications. It is true that experience counts for a lot in the world of Project Management but there are some significant advantages to having an official PRINCE2 certification on your CV when you are in the midst of the recruitment process. Obviously it won’t guarantee you a job but it will definitely increase your chances dramatically.

Below we take a look at some of the benefits of a PRINCE2 certification.

Job Opportunities

The world of Project Management is extremely rewarding but highly challenging and fast-paced; which can make it a daunting field to get into. When attempting to gain a Project Management position, the recruitment process aims to find a candidate who is serious about their chosen field. Gaining a PRINCE2 certification will display your commitment to your profession and prove that you have taken the necessary steps to prepare yourself for the role. Investing both time and money in your education will assure potential employers that you are willing to work hard to achieve success. Regardless of whether you are an experienced Project Manager or new to the field, a PRINCE2 certification will show that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be an asset to the project management team.

Application Criteria

The recruitment process has changed a lot over the past few years. This is mostly due to the massive number of candidates applying for each position that is advertised. As a result, the recruitment process has become far more demanding and the use of software implements strict criteria that candidates will need to meet in order to progress to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

It is becoming common for Project Management recruiters and employers to reject candidates who do not have an official PRINCE2 certification on their CV. At the very least, a PRINCE2 certification is now considered an “added advantage” on most Project Management job listings – when it is not specifically mentioned as a strict requirement. Employers may wonder why you have not formalised your qualifications and can see it as a lack of commitment to the profession. A PRINCE2 certification can “make or break” a candidate’s chances during the recruitment process.

Employer Confidence

When employers and recruiters see a PRINCE2 certification on a CV during the recruitment process, they feel more confident about the candidate’s capabilities and aptitude to meet the standards required by the position.

The PRINCE2 method is the “de facto” for the Project Management field and this means that if a candidate is qualified in the method, they are less of a risk to the organisation as they possess the skills and knowledge to implement the method appropriately. Less risk is a very attractive characteristic to an employer as risks can be costly to the business. An employer who is requesting a PRINCE2 certification is doing so for a reason – they know the benefits of this project management method and the advantages of hiring a candidate who is qualified in the method. Ensure that you are a safe choice for organisations by gaining a PRINCE2 certification and you will greatly increase your employment potential.

Cost Effective Investment

A PRINCE2 certification is a cost effective investment in two ways. Firstly, the training is very affordable and well worth every bit of the cost. And secondly, already having a PRINCE2 certification is seen by potential employers as a cost-saving factor in that they will not need to be financially responsible for your training. Many organisations are cutting their training budgets drastically and therefore, a candidate who is already trained and certified will save them money. All businesses need to monitor their spending so a fully trained candidate will always be an enticing option from a financial aspect.

Global Potential

An extremely important aspect of a PRINCE2 certification is the fact that it is internationally recognised. This, along with the generic nature of the PRINCE2 method, means that there are no limits to where the method can be practiced. The tailoring of the PRINCE2 project management method allows it to be used in any type of project environment and this includes projects that span across multiple countries. It has become quite common for PRINCE2 practitioners to work on projects across the world. A PRINCE2 certification can lead to international job opportunities – permanent and temporary. There is definite global potential for your career when you add a PRINCE2 certification to your CV.

Proof of Skills

An official PRINCE2 certification is proof of your knowledge and skills relating to the method – regardless of whether you are new to Project Management or an experienced professional. For experienced project professionals, the PRINCE2 certification will add to this practical experience and offer a well rounded package to any employer. For those who are just beginning their Project Management career, a PRINCE2 certification will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the method to start the journey on a qualified footing.

Prove Yourself – Whether you are new to Project Management or an experienced professional, a formal PRINCE2 certification will prove to a potential, or current, employer that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully fulfil the role. With experience alone, there can be doubts in the minds of employers regarding your abilities as they have less proof. Don’t allow this to happen when it is not necessary. If you are new to Project Management, a PRINCE2 certification will provide you with the ideal foundation on which to build your career. If you are an experienced project professional, becoming PRINCE2 certified will combine your experience with a formal qualification and you will be well-rounded in your profession with all bases covered. Gaining a PRINCE2 certification will also demonstrate that you are up to date with the most recent version of the method and that you have brushed up on your skills. It is easy to accumulate bad habits along your career journey but these can easily be straightened out by refreshing your skills and knowledge. Earning a PRINCE2 certification will prove that you are capable of fulfilling your role in project management.

Credibility – Although credibility is important in any project management positions, it is particularly vital to freelance project management professionals. Freelance contractors are like a business within themselves and this means that they need to have an excellent reputation in order to successfully sell themselves and their skills. This is where PRINCE2 certification comes in. Having a PRINCE2 certification on your CV as a freelance contractor is evidence that you are using a consistent and proven methodology and that you understand what is necessary to deliver the required results. The wide spread use of PRINCE2 means that it is understood by most who are in the field of project management. If you are bidding for a project, being PRINCE2 certified will ensure that the company feels reassured and confident in your ability to manage the project successfully. Credibility cannot be bought and it is worth far more than what you will spend on the training investment to gain a PRINCE2 certification.

Whether you are just beginning your Project Management career journey or are well along your way already, earning an official PRINCE2 certification can only improve your career and create substantial opportunities for career advancement. There is no downside to obtaining a relevant qualification – regardless of what field you work in – so consider all these points when deciding whether or not to take the first step towards PRINCE2 certification.